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Sweet Baby Girl

Our Little Girl is growing up so fast. Tonight she slept in a big girl bed, fell asleep just like a little angel. Here are pictures of her sleeping like an agnel, and then getting into trouble like a little monkey- she got into my flour canister and decorated the livingroom with flour- it was hilarious!
I can’t believe she’ll be 3 on March 30th!!!flour20090207_4charlie


Fun Crafting Websites to check out!

Pie Recipes from one of my new favorite movies: Waitress


How to guide on painting ceramic plates you can actually use in the kitchen- using a home oven- no kiln necessary!


Where has all the pink gone????

So, in my eternal quest for all things pink, I find it harder and harder as time goes by to find my pastel pink items. Recently I have been trying desperately to locate pink heart shaped ramekins and a matching light pink torch. A few years ago, my friend and I purchased a creme brulee set for our other friend, and in my search for her gift, I would’ve sworn I saw a light pink set . . . maybe I was hoping or dreaming, but now, I can find nothing of the sort! I have been able to find Le Crueset covered pink ramekins, which are absolutely to die for, but a whopping 15-20 dollars a piece! I have found a few sets- with various pastel colors on e-bay around 25 and up, and one seemingly small company selling heart shaped Chantal pink ramekins for 5.99 a piece, but don’t know if I trust them enough with this all important purchase! I have a pink kitchen aid, the matching blender, and the matching tea pot . . . so the search is still on for the rest of my pink . . .

I also searched far and wide for a pink ski parka (saw two pictures of Jessica Simpson in one that was TDF), but that too was like finding a needle in a haystack, apparently it was Juicy Couture and limited . . . so I purchased an Abercrombie one . . . as always I am forced to settle . . . oh life is so tough!! haha


Click here to see my jacket:

Christmas Projects

Chris's Stocking
I just finished Chris’s stocking- repurposed from one of Jais’s old sweaters, and some white chenille 🙂 I think it’s cute, what do you think?

1/100th of what I’m up to- Elf season in full swing!

Watching and waiting for the pizza

I’m so happy- I made a semi-homemade pizza and Jais and Charlise LOVED it! Yay- no more frozen pizzas! Jais is patiently waiting for his pizza to come out of the oven- notice my handy oven lock- which is superglued to the oven!

Chocolate Gingerbread men and women

chocolate gingerbread men and women

lemon piped bowsfairy pillowsLemon piped bows and fairy pillows


Jais helping with cookies- (eating sprinkles and sprinkling the carpet)making cookiessprinkles!Charlie helping decorate cookies (eating chocolate)yummy!

Father’s Day

aa, originally uploaded by joysteuer.

Me and Chris- who is the most amazing man, friend, husband, and father to our children. How did I get so lucky?

Charlie in Wonderland

alice2, originally uploaded by joysteuer.

This is a little Alice outfit I created for D-Land.